Afroza Sultana

PhD Candidate

Afroza is a PhD student in the School of Information Studies, McGill University. She is working with Dr. Karyn Moffatt. Before joining ACT Lab, Afroza finished her Master’s in Computer Science from University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and she finished her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Afroza’s research area is Human Computer Interaction, focusing on understanding the target selection (e.g., selecting a button or a link) behaviour of older adults on touch-screen interfaces. Studies showed that age related motor, cognitive and sensory declines may cause significant different target selection behaviour for older. As a result, many of them cannot take the full advantages of the current assistive technologies that are developed with touch-screen technologies. Her research, in particular, focuses on the three-dimensional properties of touch interaction of older adults during a target selection task on touch-screen interfaces. In addition, she is also investigating the impact of the finger properties such as finger size, angle, pressure, velocity, etc. on the performance of the target selection tasks, and how they differ from that of younger adults. The outcomes of her studies will be useful to develop novel performance evaluation metrics to assess the performance of the target selection behaviour of older adults on touch-screen interfaces. These novel measures can be used as the benchmarks for designing accessible assistive touch-screen technologies for older adults that can contribute to improve their individual and social lives.